Simon(Chengxi) Zeng

I am a Ph.D researcher at Visual Information Lab, University of Bristol, where I am supervised by Dr Alberto Gambaruto and Dr Tilo Burghardt. We are involved in a NIHR-funded project on Swallowing Rehabilitation. My part of work focuses on Medical Image Processing using Deep Learning and Computational Fluids Dynamics using Meshless method.

At Bristol, I also acquired a broad set of skills and subspecialities from my MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering. My undergraduate dissertation is exhibited on Faculty page. Extracurricularily, I served as the President of the Chinese Students & Scholars Association and awarded as President of Excellence by the Embassy of China. And I co-founded an online Education platform - Erdemy Education and it’s been endorsed by Basecamp Enterprise Team from university and granted by UKVI.

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My research spans the areas of Computer Vision(Medical Image Processing), Math(Meshless Approximation), Physics(Fluids Dynamics) and Human Physiology( Swallowing Difficulty) .

Video-TransUNet: Temporally Blended Vision Transformer for CT VFSS Instance Segmentation - 2022
Chengxi Zeng, Xinyu Yang, Majid Mirmehdi, Alberto Gambaruto, Tilo Burghardt
International Conference on Machine Vision, 2022
[Github] / [arXiv]

We propose Video-TransUNet, a deep architecture for instance segmentation in medical CT videos constructed by integrating temporal feature blending into the TransUNet deep learning framework. In particular, our approach amalgamates strong frame representation via a ResNet CNN backbone, multi-frame feature blending via a Temporal Context Module (TCM), non-local attention via a Vision Transformer, and reconstructive capabilities for multiple targets via a UNet-based convolutional-deconvolutional architecture with multiple heads.

Portable AED Delivery Emergency Drone (Patent under review) -2022
Chengxi Zeng, Yuhang Ming, Mengxun Bai, Ruobing Li

We are developing an Emergency drone that delivers medical kits and portable AED that would save lifes in jammed cities and remote areas. This project collborates with Hangzhou Municipal Health Commision and the drone will work with local Emergency Response Unit.

Elastic Transfomation Detection - 2021
Chengxi Zeng, Haytham Technology Ltd

We utilised CNN and other image processing techiniques to non-destructively detect Elastic Transformation on steel/composite materials due to repetitive work load in extreme environments.

Solving Partial Differential Equations using Radial Basis Functions - 2020
Chengxi Zeng, Andreas Michael, Celia Tugores-Bonilla, Natasha Moore, Jules Boisser, Alberto Gambaruto

We discretise standard Partial Differential Equations(PDEs) using Radial Basis Functions, aiming to assess their performance compared to the analytical results and alternative discretisation methods.

Pedestrian Level wind assessment with CFD simulation - 2019
Chengxi Zeng, Alberto Gambaruto

We modelled Bristol city centre area and applied CFD simulation with focus on high wind speed area and presented the advantage of trees to mitigate wind using Porous Media approach.

Bristol and West England Chinese Doctoral Association
Founder & Excutive President - 2021
Erdemy Education Ltd.
Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Manager - 2020
Chinese Students and Scholars Association UK
Assistant Vice President - 2019
Chinese Students and Scholars Association Bristol
President - 2018

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